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People Development Solutions

Leadership and management development with results impact

Join the Dots is a midlands and london based business support partner that specialises in leadership and management development, behavioural development, team development initiatives and practical coaching excellence.

We put people at the heart of your business success, engaging them to own and perform in their role, by being motivated and inspired into results action.

Our process

This includes development of the cognitive mind (thinking, ideas generation and decision making) behavioural decisions (choosing the attitudes and values that will gain engagement) and developing environmental skills (aligning management style to the situation/behaviour) See more

Our solutions include (See pdf list of all workshops and programmes)

  • Tailored accredited and non-accredited leadership and management development workshops and programmes. Read more
  • People upskilling, knowledge development and behavioural impact awareness. Read more
  • Team development, team building and engagement processes. Read more
  • Behavioural development and people assessment tools. Read more
  • Performance coaching initiatives. Read more
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    Date: January 15th, 2018
  • FREE 3 hour taster : 27 April 2018 – Workplace Engagement and the Employee Value Proposition
    Date: November 27th, 2017
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