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People Development Solutions

Leadership and management development with results impact

Join the Dots is a Midlands and London based business support partner that specialises in leadership and management development, behavioural development, team development initiatives and practical coaching excellence.

We put people at the heart of your business success, engaging them to own and perform in their role, by being motivated and inspired into results action.

Our process

This includes development of the cognitive mind (thinking, ideas generation and decision making) behavioural decisions (choosing the attitudes and values that will gain engagement) and developing environmental skills (aligning management style to the situation/behaviour) See more

Our solutions include (See pdf list of all workshops and programmes)

  • Tailored accredited and non-accredited leadership and management development workshops and programmes. Read more
  • People upskilling, knowledge development and behavioural impact awareness. Read more
  • Team development, team building and engagement processes. Read more
  • Behavioural development and people assessment tools. Read more
  • Performance coaching initiatives. Read more

Behavioural engagement – ‘Enthralling and lucrative development’

Many thanks for such a enthralling and lucrative days development. Everyone really enjoyed the day and we are all now focused on individual engagement and encouragement and team development and enhancement. It will be on our weekly team and individual meetings schedules and remain a key driver for the rest of the year

ceme innovation

Personal impact and self awareness – ‘Helped me achieve’

Thank you Martin! What I learnt from you in my Prolog days has stayed with me in my role here and in no small part has helped me achieve the promotion!

Coaching – ‘Encouraging and supportive’

Self-reflection is not always easy or entirely pleasant, even when we accept that we are never the “finished article”.  However, I have really enjoyed and benefited from your great encouraging and supportive coaching right from the word go.  I have really enjoyed the challenging and thought-provoking process, and I have no doubt that I am already a better and more rounded professional for going through this introspection.

WM Housing Group

Centre of Service – ‘How important the customer is’!

The workshop brought customer service to business success and quantified how much even one customer service failing can hurt the business

This workshop is needed for all staff!…brilliant and very professional

Aston University

Commercial Awareness workshop – ‘Positive feedback and a real buzz to make a change’

This programme was fresh and exciting. The originality of the training delivery was clear… It was engaging and enlightening. Martin was knowledgeable and confident bringing confidence in the material being delivered and the training package. It inspired and motivated the team and on our follow up call today there was nothing but positive feedback and a real buzz to make a change.

The Forum

‘A high level of interaction and engagement’

I really enjoyed the session … and the networking opportunity.  I very much liked the high level of interaction and engagement.  I have shared the workshops details with a couple of our HR Managers and the HR Business Partner for Sales in the UK.

Office Depot

‘Organisational Development IMPACT’

Thanks for such an enjoyable and insightful session. I really enjoyed it and it was really fantastic to meet other OD professionals. I did listen to Britt Andreatta over the weekend and again took away some really insightful food for thought.


‘Training and people development with impact that joins up all the dots!’

Martin delivers bespoke training and learning events with impact. People come away engaged, motivated and inspired into action and they take that back into the workplace. Martin joins up all the dots!….it saves us time and gives us value for money.

Waterloo housing group

‘Made a real difference’

‘The value that has been added to our business through Martins’ team and his people development solutions has been enormous and made a real difference to the competency, drive and performance of our management teams. The new ‘skills-sets’, especially within ‘soft’ management skills, have proved invaluable in promoting individual and team performance and promoting effective working ‘relationships’

ceme innovation
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