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Published date: March 20, 2020
Last modified: March 20, 2020

Virtual classroom and virtual coaching – we can support you and your business now. Your training and coaching does not have to stop….

In these challenging times we have to adapt and change to different situations, indeed learning and development has been going through its own change in terms of its offering for a while now.

If we realise that ‘change is not difficult – it is just different’ it can go a long way. We just need to think differently, share best practices and experiences. If we embrace the changes coming, then we will all benefit.

At Join the Dots we have been delivering virtual coaching sessions for a considerable amount of time with fantastic results. Coaching this way just requires a great coach who is intuitive and in tune with their senses. Active listening becomes even more important.

In terms of virtual classrooms, we are predominantly working with Microsoft Teams and are looking to deliver our great, interactive and inclusive workshops via this medium. Some things are just the same, though again being in tune and even more aware of participants interactions are key, and we can make changes to suit learning styles and approach.

One of our current programmes is an 18 month leadership and management development programme which we are  delivering to via TEAMS and we are also using the virtual coaching opportunity too. This is proving to be a great success in terms of a blended learning opportunity and is creating a really memorable experience mixed with other interactive activities

There are of course many options and tools out there – you need to explore what works for you and your business. You need to take time and try things out for size! You don’t need to know everything immediately.

If you are facing challenges converting to virtual classroom or would like support then give us a shout 0121 516 0755 or email

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