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Benefits for people development

We’ll save you time and money developing your people, leaders and managers to be engaged, motivated and inspired into action.

Behavioural and aptitude/ability profiling as part of the talent development process can dramatically reduce the cost and time involved in developing people and in understanding what you need to develop as a business See all reports available

For Recruitment

For Development

How will this help your business and its people results

Our trained team can use Behavioural Profiling tools;  Team Audit; 360 degree analysis, Emotional intelligence assessment, High performance indicator assessment reports and General intelligence assessment to save you time within the recruitment or people development process.

How? Assessments such as a Leadership Personal Profile Analysis are a great way of making people ‘behavoural fit’ decisions in a focused, productive and cost effective manner.

We can provide as part of the recruitment process an accurate insight into how candidates may behave at work within certain competencies, answering such questions as:

As part of the Join the Dots recruitment process we are able to give a full understanding of candidates working style, why a candidate may behave as they do, and their potential for success.

This of course is great in terms of understanding individual, team and organisational fit and will lead to an accurate short list.

We can help you recruit, retain, develop and manage individuals and teams. We’ll give you insight into your people – what motivates them, their core strengths and limitations, and their potential. And we’ll add a high level of certainty to all your people-related decisions.

Our processes provide an insight into how people behave at work answering questions such as; what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them? How do they react to change?

The assessments we use are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with rapid results.

Our aim is to empower you to use people assessments to create maximum value for your recruitment process, and to understand the behavioural fit of a candidate as early as possible.

Solutions are tailored to your needs; 90% practical 10% theory.

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