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Published date: May 5, 2017
Last modified: May 5, 2017

7 Must Have Tools: What’s Inside Your Leadership Tool Box?


7 tools that you can deploy as you:

  1. Deal with Difficult PeopleKnowing the best techniques and skills to address difficult situations. For example, it’s important to recognize the difference between a team member’s apparent arrogance and their real insecurity about performing a task.

It is a true leadership art to know when and how to change our perspectives, how to react (or not react) when challenged and to choose the best approach for each situation.

We won’t always be right. But we – and our teams – will benefit from the wise choices we make.

  1. Ask Powerful Questions – It’s a great skill to be able to ask the powerful questions. It is truly an art to develop superb listening skills. The right balance can make a tremendous difference in our professional and personal life. Equally important, it can help determine how quickly, effectively and profitably a project can be completed.
  2. Are Calm in the Storm – Few things can give you a greater advantage in tense situations than a calm and collective presence. It what in many ways separates the good from the exceptional leader.

Remember that there is profound difference between danger and fear. Danger is confronting a rabid dog in a dark alley. Fear of being confronted by a rabid dog in a dark alley is an emotion. It’s not real. When everyone around you is fearful of a situation or potential outcome, ask yourself if the danger is real. It’s probably not.

  1. Have Fun and Be an Evangelist – Harness your powerful presence through fun and positive appearance and interaction with your team. Share your belief and trust in what the company is doing and find ways to demonstrate that belief.


  1. Negotiate Like a Professional – Go for win-win! How? By striving for overlapping mutual interest. This will develop trust and enhance your credibility by helping the parties involved reach an optimal solution. It is magic in action to see smiling faces after hard decisions and challenging negotiations. Show what is possible!

” Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” ~ John F. Kennedy

  1. Create a Company Mentoring Program – Find a way for as many people in the company to have a mentor. The results may astonish you. Higher employee retention, enhanced work satisfaction, motivation, productivity, drive and passion are common. Oh, and the end result is higher profits for the company.

Mentoring can also be used in the on-boarding process. Take a page from the NHL. It’s a tradition that rookie players actually live with veteran players and their families. While I’m not suggesting your new employees bunk in your basement, assigning a mentor to new employees will create greater results quicker.

The key, of course, is to pair the right mentor to the right “mentee”. With a robust mentor program in place, the matching becomes easier and more accurate over time.

  1. Leverage Mastermind Groups – Discover the true power of a mastermind group to keep your skills sharp and gain a new perspective on difficult problems. Many of the greatest minds in business leverage Mastermind Groups to assist them to excel and stay on the top their chosen fields.

Now, with these tools you are equipped to coordinate, communicate, motivate and delegate your most valuable asset – your employees and team members.

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