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Published date: November 7, 2017
Last modified: November 7, 2017

Do your customers really feel the difference?

You will know that your customers are the lifeblood of your business, but even so how often do your customers receive poor service, and a poor experience?
  • In a world where customers have so much choice, employers need to engage their people for success by integrating a few simple ‘people’ tactics.
  • It starts with, making sure all of your employees are clear about what your company stands for, what part they play and how their role fits in.
  • Equip and encourage your managers to have and use engaging behaviours to direct and support your employees to do the job they’ve been hired to do.
  • Give your employees at all levels the permission and opportunity to have a voice, asking them for ideas and contributions to deliver what is needed. Act with integrity by sharing your company values and embed these into your performance review processes. Customers and employees will judge you and your company on your values and behaviours, so make sure they’re making the right judgments.
  • Having engaged employees is essential to delivering a great customer experience. It’s not just about face-to-face employees. Everyone throughout the company needs to appreciate that it they are not serving a customer then they are serving someone who is.

Most employees want to do a great job, and to be part of something good, that is known for quality, so as well as an employment contract they should have a psychological contract. Very often the latter is broken before the employee decides to leave or is asked to leave. Also believe that customers aren’t stupid either and they vote with their feet (and wallets) too. Your job as a leader is to bring these two beliefs together to safeguard your business in today’s competitive world.


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