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Managing workplace conflict

How to manage conflict and develop trust and understanding

What is it about and what will it do?
A fun and interactive workshop that will develop knowledge and understanding of managing conflict situations so that there are performance positive results that are sustainable.

Who is it for?
Team members who want to develop the skills, confidence and adapt behaviour to manage in conflict situations and deliver results through a process in a variety of interpersonal situations.

Outline content
• Possible causes of conflict, e.g. personal business
• The effects of conflict on performance and results
• Stages in the development of conflict
• Reducing the risk of conflict
• The manager’s responsibility in minimising and resolving conflict
• How to make those difficult discussions constructive – managing
• the differences
• Methodology in managing courageous conversations including feedback
• Managing the behaviours / personality types during difficult conversations and after
• Resolving and managing conflict.

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