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Personal development

Team and People development solutions

Our approach to positive results and the performance cycle




We are an experienced people development business partner able to deliver individual, team and organisational development initiatives.

People development that is 90% practical and 10% theory delivered in an ‘action learning ‘and memorable environment.

Our delivery is designed to target a 90% practical approach using action learning set principles. We believe that the collaborative effort of the ‘team’ is vital and engages the efforts of all to meet the needs of the business.

Our people development initiatives are all bespoke, flexible and adaptable to suit individual needs, so if you require something specific then this can also be developed. To ensure this process is successful we spend time with you to understand the challenges, the culture of your business and the people strategy. This is a real 1:1 service

Our success cycle is built to start with the end in mind, i.e. the objective in mind. Where do you want to be? What does success look and feel like, how could you make a change? What if?

Our results success cycle is used to help individuals and teams to feel completely enabled to achieve performance success, i.e. to feel the way they want to feel in order to behave in the way they want to behave in order to get the results they desire.

At the centre of this cycle is ‘the individual, ie YOU’, i.e. how confident you feel, how you perceive yourself and how you see the world, i.e. the self image.

The cycle shows the relationship between your thoughts, the picture of yourself, the emotions that develop behaviours and then the results that are achieved.

This cycle is used to show how emotions manifest as behaviour and then results both on an individual and team basis.


And of course when our development work is complete, we don’t just leave you to it either because now the real work begins to gain return on investment and real ‘performance’ development or improvement. ie how can development fundamentally be taken back into the business to affect results

Instead we continue to build relationships and encourage people to apply their new skills long after they have completed their development so that it becomes their normal way of working.

Your people won’t simply go back to their day job and forget the workshop or programme, because we work hard with them to help them apply their new skills and behaviours. That’s great for your people but even better news for your business.

The reason this occurs is simple. Our workshops focus on giving the right kind of memorable information and skills that people can translate practically during workshops and back at work. We focus on motivating a change in behaviour and managing emotions to create positive leadership opportunities. It is about a positive change in hearts and minds.

Solutions are tailored to your needs; 90% practical 10% theory.

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