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Coaching and mentoring

Our coaching process allows our coaches to undertake a developmental intervention that will develop capabilities, achievement of goals and objectives, and produce results.

Our team of experienced accredited coaches inspire memorable and thought provoking coaching sessions, and partner with clients to both inspire and support them in making insights through powerful questions and gaining progress towards their own personal goals.

Our coaching process normally follows a 3 phase process and runs along 3 to 6, 1-1.5 hour sessions on a 1:1 or other media.

Phase 1:

Initial meeting and understanding of ‘the contract’, goals, outcomes, why we are here, and building rapport. Use of behavioural profile / emotional intelligence and/or 360 degree feedback

Phase 2:

Relationship development to include coachee buying into tasks, goals, outcomes, barriers, cause/effect, behaviours.

Phase 3 onwards:

Development of tasks, reviews of success, evaluation of actions, coachee undertakes tasks, and ends with 3-5 specific action areas.

Our coaching team facilitates change through verbal and non verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, exercises etc). We will promote and support growth through professional learning and personal development.

Our expertise in this area creates and facilitates change, elicits, selects, trains, asks forward ‘can do’ questions, motivates, creates new insights, explains, tasks, challenges, stimulates, supports and encourages self expression and development

Join the Dots uses the key elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming to predominantly support coaching and mentoring, but also some team building aspects.

Our model of this activity can cover:

See below to view the bespoke performance coaching and in house train the trainer opportunities that are available

Solutions are tailored to your needs; 90% practical 10% theory.

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