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Personal impact and self awareness

• Understanding of personal behaviours to gain win:win business development opportunities
• Ability to utilise other observable factors effectively
• Understanding of the values behaviours bring to aid business planning and development
• Appreciation of how and where to modify personal work style

What is it about and what will it do?
Managers will learn how to maximise their own communication through their own
and others behaviours to maximise business objectives.

Who is it for?
Managers who want to develop excellence in self-awareness and behavioural modification through outstanding communication process.

Outline content
• Understanding the value of knowing ourselves and our behaviour strengths / motivators
• How to manipulate effectively our own personal strengths and limitations
in the current work role
• Recognising strengths, limitations, fears, motivators and values to the
organisation and / or team of people with different working styles
• Learning how to successfully motivate people and their communication preferences
• Understanding the value of supporting and managing personal limitations
• Identification of potential behavioural training needs

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